2023 Agenda



7:30a - 8:40a Registration and Breakfast Main Hall
8:40a - 8:45a Welcome to MDC Garden City Ballroom
8:45a - 9:45a Keynote Presentation AI and the Future of Work Garden City Ballroom Michelle Mannering
10:00a - 10:50a Session 1 UAT and E2E - Automating and Lessons Learned Captain's Room Mark Kalal Session 1 AI Expert Panel Garden City Ballroom Michelle Mannering, Mike Benkovich, Christopher Crowhurst, Eric Carr Session 1 Kubernetes Security Workshop Harvest Room A Jacob Beasley Session 1 HTTP Security Headers You Need To Have On Your Web Apps Harvest Room B Scott Sauber
10:50a - 11:00a Break
11:00a - 11:50a Session 2 Capture the Flag Captain's Room Robert Boedigheimer Session 2 Free Parking Garden City Ballroom Brett Hazen Session 2 Sharpen your “Architecture Documentation” Saw: Architectural Decision Records and Diagrams-as-Code Harvest Room A Kevin Hakanson Session 2 Bridging the Gap: How Bootcamps Empower Developers Harvest Room B Melody Monyok
11:50a - 1:00p Lunch
1:00p - 2:05p Session 3 Hostile JavaScript: Attacking and Defending the Browser Captain's Room Todd Gardner Session 3 Coding with ChatGPT and Copilot: A Hands-On Approach Garden City Ballroom Mike Benkovich Session 3 Choose Your Azure Messaging Adventure Harvest Room A Brett Hazen Session 3 Hacking Your Vacation: Using Data for Fun Harvest Room B Becky Gandillon
2:05p - 2:15p Break
2:15p - 3:05p Session 4 Lock it down! Token Authentication to ASP.NET Web API Captain's Room Matt Milner Session 4 AI: Your Personal Intern - Enhancing Productivity and Creativity Garden City Ballroom Joe Brinkman Session 4 How to grow your six-figure salary into eight-figure wealth Harvest Room A Christopher Crowhurst Session 4 Protecting Secrets in your C# MVC projects and Azure Services using Key Vault and Azure App Config Harvest Room B Brian Gorman
3:05p - 3:15p Break 4
3:15p - 4:05p Session 5 Transforming Legacy to Leading Edge: Dive into the World of Application Modernization! Captain's Room Chris Steele Session 5 Everyday AI: Automate Life's Little Details Garden City Ballroom Kamran Ayub Session 5 Becoming a Leader: What to do when everyone looks to you? Harvest Room A Gary Keeler Session 5 Micro Frontends in React: A Modular Approach to Building Web Apps Harvest Room B Justin Nichols
4:15p - 4:30p Closing Remarks / Raffle Drawings Garden City Ballroom