Minnesota Developers Conference 2021
May 4th, 2021, Minneapolis, MN

Register for your ticket today!

We're pleased to announce that on May the 4th, we'll be hosting the all-virtual Minnesota Developers Conference.

Last year's Minnesota Developers Conference was amazing - thanks to the great speakers, attendees, and MCs. Here's a few things you said:

We also heard about some things to do differently. We made a TON of improvements to the interface over the past year, and are excited to unveil it.

But it all starts with content, right? MDC offers talks on a variety of software and developer-related topics, and 2021 is going to be a great year from breadth and depth.

While we still have 5-6 sessions to add, you can see our current list of speakers and sessions linked in the nav, as well as here:

Please follow us on Twitter at @mndevcon for all the most recent announcements.

Our tickets are on sale today at https://mndevconf.com/register.

Looking forward to seeing you all on May the Fourth!

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