Minnesota Developers Conference 2023
October 3rd, 2023, Minneapolis, MN

MDC is a Wrap!

Now that all the sessions have been completed, the prize was awarded, and the surveys have been received, we'd like to express our feelings and share some of the excellent feedback we've received regarding the event.

First of all, thanks for making the
Minnesota Developers Conference's return to October such a memorable experience! There was a GREAT response to the event - the place was packed and rocking.  It was great SEEING long-time attendees as well as NEW faces.

One example of the tremendous support the conference receives is we had just 7 no-shows on what may be the last warm day of the year.  Wow.

Some of the positive comments we received were:

Some suggestions of areas where we could do better were: 

And our FAVORITE comment, which captures a ton of the keynote comments:

Rest assured that we plan to keep our traditions of excellence going strong next year with MDC 2024, while working to make improvements and do things better. 

We'll continue to add more links to the conference's presentations every day, and we will send out an email when we think we have most of them.  There are a couple up already at our Sessions Page.

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