Minnesota Developers Conference 2020
May 4th, 2020, Minneapolis, MN

Good morning!

Welcome to the Minnesota Developers Conference!  We’re so happy to have you join us (virtually)!


Josh, Dan, and Abraham built a really sweet interface for you to enjoy, and the link is below. But, here are a couple of things to know before you click through.


You’ll be logging in with the email address you used when you registered. I emailed you all last night at that email address.


Once you’re in the app, please click on the welcome video, then select a video from the left side to enjoy at 9a, 10a, and so on!  Remember that all the videos are archived, so if you have a quiet session hour just click on a previous session video to watch.


While you’re watching a session, you'll see an “Send a Question” button.  This is your way to get the MC to ask the Speakers a question on your behalf!
Send a Question Graphic


Also, remember there’s a “Survey” button for you to give the speakers your feedback on how they did!  They each put a lot of work into their talks and they want to hear from you.


So, without further ado, go to this url to start your day!




As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at mdc@ilmservice.com - we’re here to help!


Enjoy your day!


Oh, and if you haven't bought tickets yet, you can do so at https://mndevconf.com/register/ to get instantaneous access to the conference


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