2020 Agenda



8:55a - 9:00a Welcome to MDC
9:00a - 9:50a Session 1 An In-Depth Look at Programming With Nullable Reference Types in C# 8.0 .NET / C# Mark Michaelis Session 1 Accessibility Overview Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Brett Hazen, Abraham Hosch Session 1 Improving Web Performance Serverless / Architecture Robert Boedigheimer Session 1 People First Leadership Softskills / Misc Kate Wardin
10:00a - 10:50a Session 2 An In-Depth Look C# 8.0 .NET / C# Mark Michaelis Session 2 Accessible Design Systems Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Caryn Pagel, Nathan Weber Session 2 Microservices Architecture - A Practical Guide in the real world Serverless / Architecture David Ward Session 2 Leadership in Fully Remote Teams Softskills / Misc Aaron Douglas
11:00a - 11:50a Session 3 Why Blazor is NOT the new Silverlight .NET / C# Matt Milner Session 3 Real World Apps with React and TypeScript Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Kurt Wiersma Session 3 Have more FUN by Automating the Lifecycle of Your Apps with Visual Studio App Center Serverless / Architecture Tom Soderling Session 3 An AI with an Agenda: How Our Biases Leak Into Machine Learning Softskills / Misc Arthur Doler
12:00p - 12:15p Lightning Talks Don't Panic, A guide to completing coding challenges. Softskills / Misc Chelsey McKinney Lightning Talks Journal Your Way to Career Success Softskills / Misc Robert Boedigheimer
12:15p - 1:00p Lunch
1:00p - 1:50p Session 4 Using Async - Await in C# as Designed .NET / C# Keith Voels Session 4 Build Your First Game in JavaScript Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Erik Onarheim Session 4 Modernize my Compute: Compute Options in Azure Serverless / Architecture Mike Benkovich Session 4 Burning Out and How to Deal with It Softskills / Misc Gary Keeler
2:00p - 2:50p Session 5 Practical Refactoring in C# .NET / C# Patrick Szalapski Session 5 Using Storybook to Build a Better... Game Engine? Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Kamran Ayub Session 5 Infinite Scale with Azure Durable Functions Serverless / Architecture Taylor Olson Session 5 Mindful Development Softskills / Misc Christopher Crowhurst
3:00p - 3:50p Session 6 About Machine Learning – Using Deep Learning .NET / C# Mark Kalal Session 6 WATCH, LISTEN, LEARN: How to Setup and Run a User Study Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Kenneth Krutsch, Emma Aversa, Rachelle Abernathy Session 6 Options for Migrating On-Premise Web Apps to Azure Serverless / Architecture Scott Snyder Session 6 Owning Your Experience: Talking about Mental Health In the Workplace Softskills / Misc Arthur Doler
4:00p - 4:50p Session 7 ML.NET In Action .NET / C# Elsa Vezino Session 7 Rocking the JAMStack with Gatsby JS Accessibility / Gaming / Frontend Joseph White Session 7 k8s: There and Back Again Serverless / Architecture Robert Karlen Session 7 The Flutter Clock Challenge fail. What I Learned Softskills / Misc William Austin