2015 Speakers

Robert Boedigheimer
Schwans Shared Services, LLC 
Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies and leads Robert Boedigheimer Consulting, LLC. Robert has been designing and developing web sites for the past 20 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He is a Pluralsight Author, an ASP.NET MVP, an author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert has spoken at industry conferences including VSLive, SDD, HDC, DevLink, DevTeach, Tulsa Tech Fest, DevWeek, DevReach, SDC, TechEd, DevConnections, AJAXWorld, and numerous national and international events.
David Boike
Particular Software 
David Boike is a Solution Architect at Particular Software, the makers of the NServiceBus platform, and the author of Learning NServiceBus, Second Edition. He is also a husband, father of two, craft beer homebrewer, and all-around nerd. Follow him on Twitter @DavidBoike or check out his blog at www.make-awesome.com.
John Culviner
Culviner Consulting Corp 
John Culviner is an independent software consultant specializing in using the right tools for the job. More recently this has been Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB and Groovy/Java but I still have a not so secret love for C# and elegant strong typing.
Mike Benkovich
Imagine! Technologies, inc. 
Mike is a former Microsoft developer evangelist who is passionate about helping people explore what's possible with the latest technologies. He is an avid blogger on www.benkotips.com, and is active with the local TechMasters club - Toastmasters for Geeks.
Mike Emo
Mike Emo is the founder of iEmosoft, a software developent firm in the twin cities that specializes in agile development efforts using .Net, SQL Server and web development with AngularJS and KnockoutJS
Aaron T Lange
Connexions Loyalty 
Aaron Lange has been working up corporate latters for over 21 years. He has had the luxury for working for companies of all sizes and shapes from companies of 3 to 3,000+. He has worked with all kinds of technologies, from COBOL to Java to .Net and it seems everything in between. While continuing to be IT focused, Aaron has found several opportunities to build IT departments from the ground up which have been the most challenging and rewarding. In his current role, Aaron oversees an extremely talented group of IT professionals who are responsible for the largest growth area of Affinion Group (Connexions Loyalty) which delivers loyalty programs to over 200 Million people worldwide and homes the world largest loyalty only travel supplier.
Alec Wojciechowski
ILM Professional Services 
I'm a Senior Consultant at ILM Professional Services. I have worked on back end document generation systems, front-end workflow tools and everything in between! My primary expertise is with C# ASP.NET web applications though I've been writing a lot more AngularJS lately. My primary interests lie in the software development life-cycle and application security. When I'm not writing code, I'm probably somewhere above the Twin Cities in a Cessna.
Brett Hazen
ILM Professional Services 
Brett is a senior consultant with ILM Professional Services with years of experience in technologies including the Microsoft stack, various content management systems, and client side frameworks.
Brett Nelson
ILM Professional Services 
I’m a Consultant at ILM with experience in the .NET web stack creating modern responsive website(s) with MVC and JavaScript frameworks. I spend my free time learning new technologies and generally trying to improve myself as a developer. You can read about those exploits at WIPDeveloper.com.
Brian Maula
ILM Professional Services 
A Senior 1 Consultant for ILM who enjoys cooking and eating lots of food.
Brian Yencho
Brian has a background in theoretical physics and currently works as an Android and Ruby on Rails developer for Livefront. Sean has been working with web technology for more than ten years and mobile technology for a bit less than that. Currently he works at Livefront where he focuses on Android development.
Chip Pedersen
Concrete Software/FrostBit Studio 
Chip Pedersen has been in the tech Industry for over 26 years. Chip has held senior positions at Microsoft Game Studios, Activision, Griffin International, Outdoor Partners Entertainment and Concrete Software. His team and development experience covers numerous platforms and genres. Chip has directly managed AAA development teams of 60 people and working with remote teams around the world. Prior to joining the gaming industry, Chip honed his tech skills as a Research & Development Specialist at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California and Andersen Consulting's Advanced technology Group in Chicago. Chip’s team building philosophy centers around one key concept: the project always comes first. Born up on the range Chip is back in Minnesota after spending too much of his life on the West coast. One of his major goals is to help build Silicon Prairie and kept talent, teams here in Minnesota.
Jason Shapiro
20+ years of professional software leadership, architecture, and engineering experience, with a current focus on technical training and courseware authoring (Java EE, iOS, and Web Development).
Kurt Wiersma
American Academy of Neurology 
Kurt is a developer and software team leader from Minneapolis, MN. Over the course of his 13+ career he has built primary web based applications using many different technologies including Java, CFML, Javascript and Groovy. Lately his favorites are Python and C# with an AngularJS front end assisted by Typescript.
Maggie Pint
TempWorks Software 
Maggie Pint is the Web Development Manager at TempWorks Software. She spent the first several years of her career working as a SSRS developer and accidental DBA before converting into a full-stack ASP.NET developer. She currently specializes mostly in Angular JS, but there is a special place in her heart for bridging the gap between developers and DBAs. In her spare time, Maggie shows and breeds Australian Shepherds, hangs out with her three year old son, and engages in a constant battle of technical one-upmanship with her husband Joe – also a .NET developer.
Martin Grider
Abstract Puzzle LLC 
Martin Grider has been programming for iOS since late 2008, only a short time after Apple's first iPhone SDK was announced. Three months later, his first app was in the app store, ActionChess, an action puzzle game combining elements of Chess and Tetris. Since 2012, he has owned and operated Abstract Puzzle LLC, where he balances time between contract iOS work and independent mobile game creation. He is a co-organizer for the International Game Developer Association's Twin Cities chapter (http://igdatc.org/). Martin writes passionately about mobile game development and game design on his blog at http://chesstris.com/.
Sam Kirchmeier
I'm a speaker, teacher, and software developer at Livefront. I build awesome backend web services and iOS apps, and I speak at conferences on web and mobile. When I’m not coding, you might find me dreaming about coding, exploring Minnesota’s great outdoors, or teaching at Smart Factory.
Sean Weiser
Sean Epping
ILM Professional Services 
Sean is a principal consultant with ILM and is focused on ASP.NET Web applications and front end architecture.
Tim Rayburn
Improving Enterprises 
Tim Rayburn is a Vice President of Consulting with Improving, a software and project management consulting company headquartered in Dallas, TX, whose newest enterprise is Improving – Twin Cities. He is a passionate advocate of apprenticeship and mentorship in corporate environments. Since 2007 he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP in recognition of his expertise and community leadership. He is also a conference organizer, an author, and can be found speaking across the nation on agile processes, software design, and career management. He lives in the North Dallas area with his amazing wife Kate and their loyal dog Gandalf. He is also the Captain of the Improving Enterprises BBQ team.
Joe Strommen
Joe is an independent software consultant & entrepreneur with a wide range of expertise across .NET and web technologies. If he could go back in time 10 years, he would tell his former self: "Learn Javascript now!" Joe lives in Bloomington with his wife and two kids, and is an avid (or maybe rabid?) basketball fan.
John O'Donovan
Dow Jones 
John O'Donovan is CTO of Dow Jones, Barrons, and Financial Times and is a technologist obsessed with delivering great products on top of great platforms. Previously Chief Architect of BBC iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sport and Director of Technology at the Press Association redefining how real time data, news and other content is made and distributed. John has a broad experience in all things technology and loves connecting this knowledge with business outcomes to build great products.
Nick Thurow