10:15-11:30a Buliding a cross platform mobile application entirely in C#

You want to build a mobile application and you love C#. Then you are in luck. Xamarin Studio is an IDE enabling you to write applications in C# for Windows, Windows Phone, Android, IOS and MacOS. Azure Mobile Services allows you to write a C# back end for mobile applications running on any device. Using these two great tools you can use the language you love, C#, to build native mobile applications with amazing code reuse. In this session you will learn how to build a native mobile applications and a shared set of services all using C#. You will see how to work with data, enable push notificat

Matt Milner Matt Milner Matt Milner is an independent consultant and trainer who, from the early days of the internet, was building websites and databases to help organizations manage their business. Over the years he has built numerous systems using web technologies such as ASP.NET and integration technologies including BizTalk Server, WCF, WF, and yes, even MSMQ. Currently Matt splits his time between building applications and teaching other developers about the latest Microsoft technologies including Windows Azure, Windows 8 and Web API. In addition to creating training videos for Pluralsight Matt contributes to the community by speaking at code camps, user groups, and international conferences including Tech Ed, Dev Days, and DevWeek.
1:00-2:15p .NET Asynchronous API's - Then and Now

In this presentation we will look at the role of asynchronous programming in .NET. We will take a trip back in time with Microsoft's asynchronous API's - ending up at the current TAP model and Async-Await support in C#. We will look at common scenarios for asynchronous API's, and in the process show some "gotcha's" to watch out for. If you are curious about the new C# async/await keywords, this presentation is for you.

William Austin William Austin William Austin is a Consultant with sdg ( in their .NET development practice and has been writing software for over 14 years. William strives to cross the line between front-end and back-end development, recently accepting wholeheartedly that dynamic language typing isn't so bad. He is actively involved in the local development community and loves talking tech with anyone who will engage him. In his spare time he enjoys learning new technologies, FPS computer games, playing guitar, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.
2:30-3:45p Test Driven Development in C#

Test-driven development (TDD) is an advanced technique of using automated tests to drive software design, force decoupling of dependencies, and allow for 'Fearless Refactoring'. This technique is heavily emphasized by those using Agile development methodologies. If your company is doing 'Agile Ala-cart', make sure you put TDD on your plate. In this presentation, be a developer or on the business side, I will show you why you should care about TDD, how it can help in your success, and what are typical hang ups implementing TDD for the 1st time.

Mike Emo Mike Emo Mike Emo is the founder of iEmosoft, a software developent firm in the twin cities that specializes in agile development efforts using .Net, SQL Server and web development with AngularJS and KnockoutJS
4:00-5:15p Tour d' Azure

Microsoft's cloud has brought a lot of changes over the years, from the little gray box to scalable mobile services that make it possible to connect just about everything but the kitchen sink. The tools are getting better and the opportunities to take advantage of the cloud have never been better. In this session we'll show you how to get started with Azure, from signing up and deploying simple sites to scalable highly available enterprise connected solutions. We will explore the building block services to see what's possible and show you how to make the most from your cloud investment.

Mike Benkovich Mike Benkovich Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on twitter @mbenko
10:15-11:30a Hacker Tricks

Are you afraid? Should you be? Do you really think that what you don't know won't hurt you? In this session we take a look at the top ten Web exploits that hackers are using to break into sites. From cross-site scripting to one-click attacks, from SQL injection to insecure direct object reference, we explore what the hackers already know and explain how you can protect yourself and your sites. It's the Attackers Advantage and the Defenders Dilemma, but you're better off knowing what to expect.

Mike Benkovich Mike Benkovich Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on twitter @mbenko
1:00-2:15p Cracking The Girl Code

There are more women programmers today than ever before, but women are still severely underrepresented in the industry. My experiences as a woman programmer has shown me that this is not a result of "the man keeping us down", but rather a result of not enough girls being exposed to the trade in a manner that would encourage them to pursue it. I would like this session to be a round table discussion on how we can bring programming into the lives of young ladies to show them that they can be programmers, and how much fun it can be.

Jennifer Ehman Jennifer Ehman Me? I am puzzle person. I LOVE to pick things apart and figure out how to put them back together (hopefully better than they were to begin with). It is that passion that has led me into a life of code. In high school I took my first programming class (Pascal) and was thrilled to find I could actually do it. In fact, I had a knack for it. Fast forward to today where I hold down a steady day job as the AVP of Software Development at my company. I get the pleasure of working with people that are smarter than me, solving puzzles, and learning new things every day.
2:30-3:45p Programming native Windows apps in HTML and JavaScript

You can build native apps for Windows 8 using just HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These apps use all of the same features as any other native C++ or C# app and they can run just as fast and be just as responsive. See how you can code to the metal and use the file system, accelerometer and webcam all with javascript. Learn how to use standard HTML, JavaScript and CSS to write 60fs hardware-accelerated animations and stick-to-your-finger touch interactions.

David Washington David Washington David Washington is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Minneapolis, MN. As the Microsoft Technical Evangelist, he works with students, startups and independent app developers in the Twin Cities and surrounding area who are interested or need help with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. Before moving to Minnesota last August, he led a team of people designing the text suggestions UX and platform for the touch keyboard. Before that, he drove the end-to-end experience for how Windows 8 scales and adapts responsively across all screens sizes, from tablet to laptop to desktop, portrait and landscape and high pixel density screens.
4:00-5:15p SOA the Easy Way

If you thought Service Oriented Architecture was a bunch of web services all talking to each other in a tangled, jumbled mess, think again. Real SOA uses queues, loose coupling, publish/subscribe, and eventual consistency to build distributed software systems that are easier to build and maintain in the long run. Learn the basic concepts and how to build and debug these systems the easy way.

David Boike David Boike David Boike is a Principal Consultant with ILM Professional Services with extensive development experience in multiple industries, NServiceBus Champion, author of Learning NServiceBus, official NServiceBus and RavenDB trainer, husband, father, and brewer of craft beer.
10:15-11:30a Welcome to Mobile - iOS development for outsiders

With the transition to mobile, many of us are just starting to think about how we can use it within our businesses. We will talk a bit about the mobile landscape in 2014, and also use Xcode to build our first iOS application and see it run on the iPhone. We will discuss mobile application development, enterprise mobile applications, and discuss topics such as licensing and deployment options. This topic is designed for those we are new to mobile, or just starting in mobile and are interested in an overview of apple's development toolkit.

Jeff Krebsbach Jeff Krebsbach Jeff Krebsbach is an independent consultant based in Burnsville, Minnesota. Jeff has worked on several complex mobile projects for iOS and Android, integrating outside systems and making it easier for people to get things done. With extensive experience throughout the Microsoft BI stack, Jeff has focused on delivering solutions to a variety of platforms, and helped many companies meet their needs with Microsoft technologies throughout the twin cities area and across the country.
1:00-2:15p Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Mobile Space

My goal is to inspire entrepreneurs, developers, creatives and decision makers to be more effective critical thinkers on all aspects of mobile and how it applies to their business. Four things that the audience will take away from the presentation: Key take aways from the presentation: - How to think inside/outside of the “I have an idea!” box and how it applies to intellectual property. - What is an effective team structure for my company? - How do we effectively build our product and address scoping my product? - Is marketing important and what’s the appropriate time to market?

Matt Pacyga Matt Pacyga Matt is passionate about making tech startups successful and invests much of his personal time and energy into his passion. He dives into the creative and technical processes of each company he works with. An entrepreneur himself, Matt has his own venture in the mobile arena. He founded Gray Squid Division in 2012 with Joel Stewart. A few months later, they merged with Canopy Co 2012. Matt advises the business development and marketing teams at Canopy Co. Canopy is the creator of Sensus. Before jumping into the mobile market, Matt got his start in gaming as a production manager for a small agency in Minneapolis, MN. He learned about the value of the pixel and started doing professional audio engineering for online games within the Flash platform. During that time he worked on the game Five Minutes to Kill Yourself 2, published by Adult Swim. He also worked with a wide spectrum of big name clients including Nike, Target, Phillips, Cartoon Network, and Try Catch Games. Always keen to technology trends, Matt went into mobile gaming shortly after the first iPhone was released. After working on a few small titles for private companies, he quickly pivoted into a business-focused career later that same year. Matt gained knowledge with project management, user experience design, interface design for mobile, and multiple processes for multimedia on mobile. He reached over 3 million dollars in sales as a Solution Engineer and Technology Evangelist for The Nerdery. Currently Matt works for Myriad Mobile as the VP of Business development for the MN office and has launched a new company called Camera Slice, Inc.
2:30-3:45p The Mythical Beast: iOS Real Time Multiplayer Gaming

Get a small glimpse into advanced network communication concepts for real time multiplayer gaming with a focus on iOS mobile devices. Network protocols, topologies, synchronization strategies, bitpacking techniques and so much more! Everything will culminate into an example game for iOS using GameKit for matchmaking and communication, though the usefulness of the concepts extend to every platform.

Joel Stewart Joel Stewart Joel has been a Principal and Lead Engineer in the mobile and game industries for over seven years. He started in a game studio working on a AAA FPS title for consoles and PCs, moved through MMO middleware supporting the industry’s largest publishers, started a development studio for contracted iOS applications and is now the V.P. of Engineering at Canopy in Minneapolis working on their upcoming product Sensus. After hours, Joel likes to explore new ways to approach and interact with digital mediums. Pushing bits and bytes around is his specialty. He is now a serial entrepreneur and loves collaborating with talented individuals to bring visions to life.
4:00-5:15p Physics-based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics

Learn the basics of creating realistic physics-based animations in your iOS apps. Discover best-practices and advanced techniques for creating compelling user interfaces and see code walkthroughs and examples from real-world applications using UIKit Dynamics.

Adam May Adam May Adam May is a software developer at Livefront. Throughout his career he has specialized in developing mobile software experiences across a wide variety of platforms. He loves bringing bold user interface designs to life. Currently focused on iOS, he teaches classes at Smart Factory and co-organizes hack nights for TCHack. Tyler Johnson Tyler Johnson Tyler is a software developer at Livefront. He fell in love with the iOS platform during his senior design project in college, and he's never looked back. When he's not hacking away at Livefront, you'll find him enjoying the fantastic bike trails that Minneapolis has to offer.
10:15-11:30a Intro To Angular.js Come find out what all the hype for Angular.js is and learn how to build a full blown application! First we’ll see how it compares to other JavaScript libraries and frameworks out there and then we'll do a deep dive live coding a single page web application with Angular.js visually learning core concepts, tips and tricks along the way. Expect to leave the presentation feeling confident you could start to use Angular.js right away to replace a few jQuery spiderwebs all the way up to a full-blown enterprise SPA.

John Culviner John Culviner John Culviner is an independent software consultant specializing in JavaScript and .NET. He has been working with Angular.js for the past year, .NET for the past 6 and has been a JavaScript single page application guru for quite some time. John enjoys diving into new technology and finding ways to push the limits of the web. He is an author of the open source library AngularAgility and enjoys sharing his development experiences on his blog.
1:00-2:15p Angular and Web API 2 from the Ground Up

You've seen Angular in 60 minutes by Dan Whalin. Let's examine the next 60 minutes. Angular has become the most popular client side JavaScript framework in the development community. I will demonstrate how to wire up RESTful web services using Web API 2 and an angular factory.

Steve Davis Steve Davis I'm a senior developer, leading a development team at Four51. I moved to Minnesota from Phoenix 8 years ago. Our company has primarily worked in the Microsoft stack, but in the last few years we've explored many new technologies particularly on the client side.
2:30-3:45p Angular.js Testing

The first time you you write tests for any new framework can be challenging. How do you setup the tests? How do you run them efficiently? What about mocking upstream callers? Is any of it really worth it? During this talk I’ll show you how to write unit tests for Angular controllers, directives, services, along with browser components such as setTimeout and making HTTP calls. I’ll be writing my tests in Jasmine, and continuously running them in Karma. Then we will wrap up by writing one end-to-end test using Protractor.

Jason More Jason More Jason consults on code in the Twin Cities and blogs at
4:00-5:15p End to end testing using Angular's Protractor Test Framework

Protractor combines Jasmine assertions, WebDriver and Angular-aware code to make writing end-to-end web site testing easy. This presentation is intended to demonstrate how this framework can be used to automate your end-to-end tests.

Robert Hanson Robert Hanson I'm a consultant with sdg, currently working at 3M on components of the 3M Cloud Library. I've been writing software of one kind or another for more than 30 years.
10:15-11:30a An Introduction to Web Developer Tools

What tools do you use to aid your web development? Learn how to use Firebug, Chrome and IE Developer Tools to diagnose hard to locate stylesheet problems, profile and debug JavaScript, monitor network usage, and many other common tasks. Professional web developers are often using these types of tools several hours a week to develop better web sites more quickly.

Robert Boedigheimer Robert Boedigheimer Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies and leads Robert Boedigheimer Consulting, LLC. Robert has been designing and developing web sites for the past 19 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He is a Pluralsight Author, an ASP.NET MVP, an author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert has spoken at industry conferences including VSLive, HDC, DevLink, DevTeach, Tulsa Tech Fest, DevWeek, DevReach, SDC, TechEd, DevConnections, AJAXWorld, and numerous national and international events.
1:00-2:15p HTML5: All Your Games Are Belong to Us

How do you build games in HTML5? In this talk we will learn about the basics of game development and how to apply it in a canvas based HTML5 game. We will be building a simple game live on the screen by leveraging JavaScript and new HTML5 features. We will learn about drawing to the HTML5 canvas, handling key input, maintaining frame rate, the subtleties of performing rotations and translations, setting up audio, sprite animations, and some basic game physics! If you are interested in web game development, come learn about everything you need to make your first game.

Erik Onarheim Erik Onarheim Erik Onarheim is an Application Developer working for General Mills who loves building cutting edge JavaScript applications. In his spare time he likes to play and develop games, draw comics, study guitar, and drink cheap wine. You can find him on twitter @ErikOnarheim or on his blog,
2:30-3:45p Traces of Errors: Getting Better JavaScript Stacktraces

JavaScript dies in many ways: maybe a script failed to load, maybe AJAX came back in the wrong order, or maybe the browser is doing something weird. Whatever the reason, too often our only clue is: "TypeError: e is undefined. scripts.js. line 1" Let's stop playing that game. Hidden in our code is the secret to actually *getting* the Stacktraces from JavaScript errors. Then, let's explore ways to add more context to *get better* stacktraces that convey more meaning about the state of our application when it failed.

Todd H Gardner Todd H Gardner Todd H Gardner is an independent software developer and entrepreneur, with over a decade of experience in development, design, and leadership. Todd holds a Masters in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota. He is passionate about teams, communication, and quality in software and has led product teams from small businesses and major corporations. Todd is the co-founder of {Track:js}, an innovative JavaScript error logging service. He tweets at @toddhgardner.
4:00-5:15p Demystifying TypeScript

Have you ever tried to refactor a monstrous JavaScript application? There will be blood and tears. In this session, I'm going to demystify TypeScript and address common myths and general misconceptions I've heard when talking to fellow developers. I'll show you why TypeScript is an excellent way to organize (and maintain) application-scale JavaScript projects and why you should leverage it in your projects to make your life more productive and less stressful, something everyone can relate to. It's time to conquer your codebase.

Kamran Ayub Kamran Ayub Kamran Ayub is a Senior Application Developer at General Mills, working on large-scale application code bases that involve middle-tier .NET and JavaScript front-ends. He's given talks at Twin Cities Code Camp and MDC in the past. Kamran has been doing front-end and back-end development for the past decade and is passionate about learning new technology. In his very limited spare time, Kamran contributes to open source projects and plays too many video games. You can find him online @kamranayub.